About Us


Emerson Exterminators is a family own business with over 10 years of experience and knowledge in the termite and pest control business. Our goal is to provide a worry-free solution to all your termite and pest problems…from the smallest german roach in your kitchen to the unwanted rodent in your attic. We will use the latest techniques and technology to develop an integrated pest control program to assure you a quick and efficient result. At Emerson Exterminators, we are committed to always provide: Quick response, Professional service, and Protect you home or business from termites and pest.


At Emerson Exterminators, we take pest control and termite problems very seriously. We know how much of a nuisance they can cause us. That’s why, your peace of mind is our priority. Safety, quality, and integrity is the core at EE. These very important values are what we strive to accomplish in every work we do for you. You are not just a number or name to us. We will make you feel like family by working effortlessly in finding the best program for all your pest/termite needs.

We will try our very best to go above and beyond your expectations. Our goal is to be committed and provide a professional and honest service to you. At Emerson Exterminators, our way of working hand in hand with the customer… We can assure you that you will experience a positive out look in us.

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